Old Laundry

Happy First Day of Fall to you!

I am incredibly excited that it actually does feel like fall outside, and yes, I am a typical white girl that is ready for over-sized sweaters.

I hope your day and past weekend have gone splendidly, getting you ready for this great day.… Read the rest


Tea Leaves

Hello there!

How has your Monday been?

I hope it has been less mundane than usual, or just as exciting as usual!

I guess it just depends if you tend to have awesome Monday’s or not.


I’ve noticed that September has already become a big wedding season, as well as a popular engagement season.… Read the rest


On To The Next One

Good afternoon, folks!

What are you doing?

I hope it’s something that makes you happy with your life.

I am currently eating Indian food that is making my lips really hot, but it’s a tingle that isn’t as bad as it would seem.… Read the rest

IMG_9988 (1)

Forgive Me Not

Good morning lovely eyeballs of the Earth!

(That was not my way of discriminating eyeballs belonging to those not of Earth.)

I hope your weekend was the epitome of what you would always want your weekend to look like, and that you would use your weekend scenario for a “living free” type of a music video.… Read the rest

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